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Tessa Emily Hall is available to speak at groups of all ages, including but not limited to youth groups, schools, conferences, and colleges. In her writing/publishing workshops, she draws upon her experience as a young author, Associate Agent, and YA Acquisitions Editor to engage the audience and teach the craft in a way that is interactive and simple for young writers to grasp.

She enjoys giving motivational and inspirational talks as well. In these presentations, Tessa shares her journey toward publication as a teen and explains why she chose to pursue it at a young age. She then challenges the audience by discussing how they can develop a plan that will help them embrace their uniquness, discover their potential, and pursue the impossible. Each session will include a PowerPoint presentation and handouts for each student to take notes and apply what they've learned. 


Tessa is willing to do out-of-state school visits and free Skype sessions.


"I gained a multitude of valuable information to take with me in pursuing my passion. I'd highly recommend this for any student interested in creative writing!"

Taylor, 17

“It is very rare to find someone as inspiring as Tessa is in terms of writing and faith. I absolutely loved having her speak at USCA’s Baptist Collegiate Ministry. Her testimony on how God can use your dreams and gifts for His glory is something that I believe that everyone, especially students, need to hear. Her journey with God and writing has spurred me on to not only chase after my dreams, but to tackle them to the ground."

DAVID B. CORDER, college student at USC Aike

Tessa is willing to customize any of the sessions below based upon the needs and ages of the audience.


Why Wait? Pursue Your Youth & Launch Your Future! 

In this session, Tessa shares her writing journey as a teenager and why she believes God has called us to spend our teen years wisely, based on Ecclesiastes 11:9. She challenges the audience to dream big, discover the gift God has given them, and to take the necessary steps to either pursue or prepare for the calling God has placed on their lives. Teens will come away from this session inspired to tap into their potential and encouraged to make the most of their youth. (NOTE: An alternative version of this session is available for public schools upon request.) 



In this talk, Tessa shares her personal struggles of not fitting in and how her "uniqueness" is what eventually led her to pursue her dreams as a teenager. This session encourages teens to embrace who God's created them to be, tap into their gifts and potential, and pursue their unique path--even as a teenager. 


Your Story Isn't Over: Use Your Struggles to Craft a Happy Ending

Tessa shares her personal struggles growing up -- including her diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes -- to illustrate ow unfortunate circumstances can often be turned around for good. She uses the analogy of a story structure to explain how struggles shape characters and ultimately lead to their happy endings.


Walking Through Winter

Tessa discusses 10 truths she learned about hope through her personal winter seasons of life and how she used this to craft the theme and protagonist of Unwritten Melody. While this session is catered toward a Christian audience, an alternative version of the session will be available for public schools upon request.  


For more information on school visits and pricing info, click here.

Writing Workshops/Book Related


Teen Writers: How to Fool an Agent/Editor into Thinking You're an Adult!

In this session, Tessa will instruct teens on how they can fool a professional into thinking that they are an adult based on their writing skills, experience, and industry knowledge. She will do this by instructing them on the most common mistakes that amateur writers make, then leave them with tips on how they can appear professional rather than a "wanna-be".


Teen Writers: Should You Prepare For Publication or Pursue It? 

There are two options teenage writers have: Pursue publication early, or prepare for it so they will be knowledgeable about the craft and industry when they do decide to seek publication. To make this decision easier for teens, Tessa uses her experience as a teen author to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing publication as a teen. She will also discuss the five things she did right as a teen writer and the five things she did wrong. That way, teen writers will walk away knowing the necessary steps they should take to either prepare for or pursue their writing career.


How Writing a Book is Similar to Climbing a Mountain: Breakdown of the Process

n this workshop, Tessa will break down the writing and publishing process in a simple process, and in a way that makes it achievable. She will go over the publishing industry, as well as the process of writing a book and how to keep working at it until it is complete. She will then give an overview of what happens after the book is written.


(Age recommendation: Middle & High) Why is Reading and Writing Important?

In this session, Tessa shares her passion for the written word by explaining the importance of reading and writing. She discusses the power of a story by tapping into teens' desires to express themselves, understand the world around them, portray their worldview and opinions, identify with others, find escapism and thrill, etc. By the end of the class, students should have a deeper understanding of why the written word is important and definitely not uncool, as well as how they can begin to read and write--even if they think they don't enjoy it. 


(Age recommendation: Elementary) Writing Can Be Fun! - Learning the Basics

Tessa was in elementary school when she fell in love with writing--and it all began as an outlet to expand her imagination. In this session, Tessa shows students how writing can be fun. She does this by sharing how she first fell in love with storytelling in a way that will help to change their perspective of writing from "work" to "play". She will then demonstrate how they can effectively tell their story through four simple steps: brainstorming, writing the rough draft, editing/revising, and writing the final draft.

To view a list of workshops Tessa is willing to teach at writing conferences, click here.


Tessa is also willing to create writing workshops that focus on one area of the craft. (For example: Create a Character, Show vs. Tell, How to Write a Novel Step-By-Step, What Agents are Looking For, How to Build a Platform, etc.) If there is a topic you're interested that is not on the list, please contact her.  


Writing Conference Workshop Endorsements


"I was impressed with Tessa's show don't tell workshop at the Ohio Christian Writer's Conference. Her presentation was clear and concise. She made it easier to understand the topic. Her pleasant personality made me feel comfortable  asking individual questions after the formal presentation was over." - OHCWC attendee


"At the the beginning of the hour spent in Tessa's 'Mastering the Variations of Show vs. Tell' I cringed uncomfortably, thinking she must be speaking directly to me--reminding me of what I already knew...I was becoming a lazy writer. Throughout the workshop, though, she worked to show us just how easy it is to spot our laziness and then use strong verbs and concrete nouns to strengthen our storytelling. I left feeling encouraged and capable." - OHCWC attendee


"As a workshop leader, Tessa teaches then empowers. By delicately pointing out common writing flaws and practicing a plan for correction, she gives writers the permission to be better. I left Tessa's workshop knowing that tomorrow my writing would be stronger than yesterday." - OHCWC attendee


"I recently attended a YA Fiction workshop by Tessa Hall and am glad that I joined in the discussion. She knows exactly what Christian teens are wanting to hear. She had plenty of information and certainly does her research well. I'm a YA Fantasy writer and even though she doesn't do Fantasy I still have gathered valuable information from her that I will put to use in the future of my writing." - OHCWC attendee


"Tessa's 'YA Christian Fiction' workshop was very informative and challenged me to consider writing fiction, even though I'm generally a non-fiction writer. Her accomplishments at such a young age are very impressive, and her willingness to share knowledge with others is a true gift. Looking forward to attending more of her workshops!"  – Debby Dever, OCWC2017






For more booking inquires, please contact Tessa.