I’m no longer a teen—it’s been a few years since I could call myself one. But I can still recall the pressure, the overwhelming emotions, the insecurities.


I can remember how it felt to strive for a good grade on a test and instead receive a grade that lowered my GPA. I remember the fear that choked me the day I attempted to drive a car for the first time. I remember the loneliness that crept in when I couldn’t seem to make new friends.


I recently came across a note I jotted down in my old Bible when I was about 14 years old. It was a book idea. (Don’t ask why I thought it was necessary to brainstorm book ideas in my Bible!) This idea was sparked from the book I still read daily, titled GOD'S PROMISES FOR YOUR EVERY DAY NEED.


I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if us teens could have our own book that’s categorized by our daily needs? This could be filled with devotions, inspiration, and Scripture that could speak to the situations we faced daily.


Need comfort? Turn to page 50. Need encouragement? Flip to page 100.


Fast forward several years—when I began writing COFFEE SHOP DEVOS. This concept must’ve stuck in my subconscious, because I applied the same method to this book. It isn’t the average “read this devo on this day” devotional; instead, it’s categorized by the everyday needs of teen girls. Just like the idea I initially had when I was 14. 


Why did I approach it this way?


Because I want it to be obvious that being a Christian isn’t about checking “quiet time” off your daily to-dos. It’s not even about keeping up with your weekly church attendance (although that doesn’t undermine the importance of church!).


Instead, it’s about finding the One you long for.

The One who can be the hand you hold as you walk through heartache. The One who can take the load off of you when you’re facing pressure from school. The One who can speak purpose and meaning into your everyday life.

My upcoming fall release, COFFEE SHOP DEVOS: DAILY PICK-ME-UP FOR TEENS, will provide you with the “spiritual caffeine” you need to face these everyday challenges—all the while spurring you into the arms of the One who never leaves your side.

Because, let’s face it: Being a teen isn’t easy. But you were never meant to face these years alone.


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What do you believe to be the greatest challenge teens face today? Let me know in the comments!




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